Autex ASL Acoustic Slab Liner

ASL is an acoustic and thermal lining for soffits, slabs and ceiling applications made in Australia from 100% polyester fibre.

ASL will help lower noise levels by controlling reverberation times in enclosed spaces, reducing noise spill to external areas. When installed to the underside of masonry and metal pan floors and ceilings it will contribute to the energy efficiency of the building.

ASL will assist in reducing reverberant noise in enclosed spaces such as carparks and basements, or where it is left directly exposed in ceiling applications. ASL acoustic performance testing has been carried out in a laboratory environment in accordance with ISO 354.

Manufacturer: Autex
100% Polyester
50mm Thick - 0.85 NRC
75mm Thick - 0.95 NRC
100mm Thick - 1.00 NRC
AS ISO 9705: 2003

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