Available in three unique styles and in a range of colours, the Cove is possibly the simplest, user friendly, personal acoustic solution. This lightweight and durable option slides on and off desks and tables without the need for fixings, making it ideal for ever changing spaces. Built from Autex cube, you can rest assured you are receiving the same level of quality, just on a more personalised level. Cove promotes a balanced work space without interruption to collaborative environments, designed to suit dynamic, modern spaces like fast paced offices or schools.

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Decorative and functional slide-on desk divider
  • Suitable for desks 24mm thick
  • Low VOC, non-toxic, non-irritant, and non-allergenic
  • 3 styles to choose from, plus 13 colours
  • Easy installation into desk setups
  • Pinnable surface, allowing individuals to personalise their space
Surface Warranty: 10 years
Manufacturer: Autex
100% Polyester Fibre
Classic: 799mm x 538mm, Depth on Desk: 696mm
Bevel: 794mm x 535mm, Depth on Desk: 676mm
Arc: 799mm x 538mm, Depth on Desk: 696mm
Tolerance: (+/-6mm)
Thickness: 24mm
Falling Water

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