Blade FR Ceiling Tile

Ecoustic Blade FR is an acoustic modular drop-in ceiling tile combining superior sound absorption with an elegant timber aesthetic and improved fire rating.

The 1200 x 600 tiles conceal the ceiling grid and can be arranged as a continuous linear system and the 600 x 600 tiles can be installed in both a linear and a checkerboard pattern. The profiles 3018-14 Ceiling Tiles align with 3018-7 Panels and 2560-8 Ceiling Tiles align with 2560-4 Panels providing potential vertical to horizontal blade alignment in ceiling to wall installations.

Designed for use on ceilings, Ecoustic® Blade FR is ideal for new and existing fitouts to maximise sound absorption. The unique system features a black acoustic scrim backing to enhance sound absorption, which is ideal for architectural installations where reverberation control is critical to room comfort and amenity.

Ecoustic® Blade FR is designed for modularity and is pre-finished allowing for simple and efficient installation and ease of ongoing maintenance. The design results in a linear timber finish with minimal onsite labour for installation.

Manufacturer: Instyle
600 Tile: 595mm (w) x 595mm (h)
1200 Tile: 1195mm (w) x 595mm (h)

To drop in to fit T-Frame suspended ceiling systems with a nominal 600 x 600mm or 1200 x 600mm grid.
Ecoustic® Blade FR is low VOC + PVC free
Ecoustic® Infill is made from <60% recycled content from post-consumer PET packaging such as empty drink bottles
Ecoustic® Infill is Greentag Level A certified
Alpha w 0.4 - 0.85 / NRC 0.40 – 0.85, please refer to results of each profile.

For broadband sound absorption including critical human speech range frequencies, Ecoustic® Blade ceiling tiles can be installed with an Ecoustic® Infill. Specifically engineered to deliver outstanding sound absorption in ceiling applications compared to standard linear systems, Ecoustic® Infill is a thin and compact material that achieves high levels of sound absorption in low and high speech range frequencies, eliminating the need for bulky acoustic insulation.
AS/ISO 9705
BCA Group 2

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