EchoPanel® Latitude

The v-groove detail of EchoPanel® Latitude accentuates the uniquely consistent texture and colour of EchoPanel®, whilst adding a timeless three-dimensional feel resonant of horizontal wood panelling.

Featuring the same extensive colour range and acoustic attributes as EchoPanel® 12mm, Latitude is also Global GreenTag™ certified, Red-List free and has published ingredient transparency through Declare. For higher acoustic performance, EchoPanel® Latitude is also available in EchoPanel® 24mm.

Manufacturer: Woven Image
Length: 2750mm (+/-2 mm)
Width: 1100mm (+/- 2mm)
Thickness: 12mm (+/- 7%).

Also available in 24mm (+/-7%), specifications will differ.
100% PET (60% post-consumer recycled)
Sound Absorption Test Method:
AS ISO 354: 2006 (R2016)

Weighted Alpha Coefficient (αw):
Direct fix: 0.30 (MH), 20mm air gap: 0.45 (MH), 50mm air gap: 0.60 (MH)

Sound Absorption Average (SAA):
Direct fix: 0.43, 20mm air gap: 0.61, 50mm air gap: 0.75

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC):
Direct fix: 0.45, 20mm air gap: 0.60, 50mm air gap: 0.75

Sound Absorption Class:
D (Direct fix)
D (20mm air gap)
C (50mm air gap)
AS 1530.3
ISO 9705: Group 1
GB 8624 B1
BS EN 13501.1: Classification B - s1, d0
BS EN 45545-2 + A1 Annex C: CIT: 0.05

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